Join us for a LIVE Virtual Sales Clinic for Service-Entrepreneurs

With Your hosts: Andrea and Chris Wilborn
April 3rd from 10-3pm PST

*This event requires CRITICAL MASS to happen! If we reach critical mass (10 people!), then it's on! And if we don’t reach critical mass, you’ll just get your deposit back! If we don't reach 10 deposits by Monday, March 18th we'll refund you 100%. If we DO reach 10 then you'll pay your remaining ticket price.

If you’re ready to hear more “yeses” in your sales conversations and grow your sales confidence, We’d love to invite you to our Virtual 1-Day Sales Clinic.


Here’s what we are covering during this Sales Clinic:

  • The exact process Andrea and I use with an 80% close rate…that gets our clients to say YES on the spot without objections.

  • Exactly how we show the value of what we do BEFORE we present the offer that makes them want to work with us as soon as possible.

  • Exactly how we begin our sales calls in a way that builds trust and rapport, that majorly increases our chances of getting a YES!

  • The TWO specific questions (that most entrepreneurs are skipping) that will have your potential clients telling YOU why now is the right time to get your support.

  • PLUS, the ninja sales practice (that if missed, kills your chance of closing the sale on the spot) that has helped us close even the highest skeptics.


We are only holding this clinic for 10 people. Spots are limited.

 Four Sessions | Open Q&A | Live Coaching

Only 10 Spots | $297 per person ($198 after your deposit)

Session #1: 10-11am - Getting Your Mind Right

Before you enter a single sales conversation, you have to stop and ask yourself, “Am I prepared for this?” In our first session, we'll teach you how to prepare your mind for getting a “Yes!”. Are you in the right environment to sell? What's your state before your sales conversation?


Session #2: 11-12pm - Getting Out of the “Friend Zone”

Friends don't pay friends to change their life. Are you getting stuck as a professional friend to potential clients? How you set up the sales conversation sets the tone for everything that happens after you say, “Hello.” Are you creating enough prediction for your potential clients?


Session #3: 1-2pm - Give Results in Advance

Quite simply did this “sales conversation” change their life or not? Do you have enough rapport to genuinely explore the problem and show them you are the person to help them solve it? A potential client should never feel like the “sale” is coming. Are they even a great client for you? You don't need this client but do you know this and how do you navigate your own client-qualifiers?


Session #4 2-3pm - The BIG Ask

The time has come! Now you can ask for the sale. But wait. Don't rush, don't panic, and don't gloss over any part of the big ask. Learn tools such as the A/B Close, how to solve objections, why we don't hang up with an, “I don't know”, and why the first person to talk loses.

BONUS Teachings include:

  1. Pre-Qualifiers

  2. The Deposit-First Sale

  3. Follow-up Sales

  4. Opening Relationships vs. Closing Sales

  5. Reciprocity Scale

  6. Givers, Matches, and Takers in Sales


This is an all-day virtual event! We meet via Zoom in a LIVE video conference.

10-11am Session 1

11-12pm Session 2

12-1pm Lunch

1-2 Session 3

2-3pm Session 4

*You will be gifted all FOUR slide decks we use to teach these sessions in a PDF format following the training. This training will be RECORDED.  

What if in just a few minor tweaks to your sales conversations, you could double your income?

What if instead of receiving 50% objections, you received 50% MORE YESES? Would that pay for this clinic and more?

Imagine having confidence that out of every 10 people you had a sales conversation with, you would end up with 8 paying clients…how would that turn your business around?