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I didn't always have entrepreneurship figured out: the systems, the finances, the management, the sales, etc.


Not many people teach you this stuff and you're left to figure it out, grudgingly, on your own.

The guilt. The shame. The confusion. The burrying your head in the sand.

I’ve been there...

My palms use to sweat at the thought of opening my business’s bank account. My business’s finances would keep me up at night, not knowing if I had enough to pay the bills while being responsible for $30,000 of overhead each month. 

I was running a million dollar business but...

I had to face the humbling reality that knowing how to make a million dollars and how to keep a million dollars were two entirely different skill sets. Now that’s a mistake you only make once!

Overcoming my own money stories and limiting beliefs to improve my money habits in my business was one of my most challenging, yet rewarding, lessons I ever learned while running a successful business. 

I believe financial behavior and money management are two of the most under-valued skill sets of creative, intuitive entrepreneurs. It can literally make or break your business. 

When you don’t have to think about money anymore and all of the anxiety falls away because you are empowered by your numbers, and not avoiding them, a lot of space opens up to be more creative and impactful in your business. You can't put your gifts into the world if your money stores keep bogging you down.

I’m passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs open their bank accounts and love what they see. 


Background & Education

Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Psychology – Whittier College

Certified Life Coach – Institute for Life Coach Training (Accredited Program)

Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis -The Association For Integrative Psychology

Master Practitioner of Mental Emotional Release ™ – The Association For Integrative Psychology

MindMap Mastery Coach  - Applied Neuroscience of Behavior, Performance, & Personal Transformation

Z-Health Performance Certified Practitioner – Applied Neuroscience of Pain and Performance